Letter to Child we support

Recently my wife wrote a letter from me to a child we support at a school in africa, I thought it would be a good chance to update this blog with something new, as no update posted since 2013
Dear. Bwile

We hope you and your family are well.
In England, we have a hotter summer this year than usual. Frankly, we miss rain. We heard that you have had a drought. How is the situation? We pray that God gives all of us good harvest in this year so we may able to glorify God and to share more with other people.

Our daughters, Hanna and Lydia are doing well. Hanna will be moving on to Year 5 and Lydia will start school in September. Sadly, we have found out that Hanna has dyslexia. She has been frustrated very easily with her spelling and writing. It has made her lose confidence. However, we are very thankful that we know why she feel so difficult with her spellings and writing. We hope that we give her right support in next term. Could you pray for Hanna?  Lydia is so excited about going to school. Tomorrow, she will visit the school and have one hour time there.

How is your study?  We understand that it is not easy to study many subjects but we hope that you try your best in your study so you would find what is your good talent easily one day. Also, you may able to help many people in need for their study. Still do you enjoy playing football? Hanna likes to play football.

My wife, Juhee’s brother moved to Malawi which is your neighbour country from South Korea. He has just set up Education Foundation and slowly started to help girl and boy orphanages so they can keep on with their studying. We pray that this work goes well with God’s mercy and many children in Malawi would get help to enjoy their study in schools. We pray that God provides everything we need to visit to Malawi next year. If we can visit Malawi also we would love to visit you. However, it is totally God’s hands now.

Recently I have changed jobs to work doing IT support for a charity that helps Christian people and  workers providing their IT security since this April. I feel that God puts us in right place where we should be. Frankly, we wanted to go to Asia to serve Asian people. However, God changed our direction and gave us work in England. Sometimes, life does not go with what we want and where we want to go but God has a bigger picture than us. We trust that God’s way is always the best even though we may feel pain. We believe that you might have the moment which life does not go with your plan. You might be very upset and disappointed. But, Lets’ trust God together. We believe that God has a bigger plan for you and your family and let’s thank God what God has given to us although it might be very small. God will use our small things for his work.

 Although you and we are far away each other, we are very thankful that God has put us together into God’s family and we impact each other’s lives together. We pray for you that God leads you where you should go and what you should do to please Him and to be a light and salt in this world also we pray for your family.

In His Grace

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