Night in


Having a night in, both girls asleep and Ju-hee out, put Hanna to sleep by watching Red dwarf as story time failed and it is a Friday night. Been quite a few things since I last blogged in March.

Last week was Lydia's Baptism which went really well had good comments from lots of people my favourite was 'I can see why you go to this church', Hanna was very proud of her and was very good at hosting all her friends who visited.

Ju-hee is pleased that it is over and we are continuing to look at plans for the future but trying to live for now.

Hanna's is still enjoying school doing well in sports day getting 3rd in the sprint and 6th in the longer race. She had several good birthday parties a few weeks back for her 5th Birthday, first for the boys then the girls at the pottery shop then finishing with the family.

Unfortunately Business wise I have given up with Age concern as attendance was so poor, I enjoyed doing it but with potentially no one to teach it wasn't worth the drive. Instead I have found a company in Barcombe who want me to work on a mobile app and website one day a week.

God Bless


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