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         Time for an update as having a quiet day and a spammer reminded me of this blog, a lot has changed since the 28th July when I last blogged,
So this may be a long post the first main thing since then with Ju-hee going to Korea for 5 weeks then we going for a family holiday in Cornwall then with a few friends for a couple of weeks in Turkey.

With regards to the good holiday in Turkey with friends with one of the highlights visiting a local church that fortunately had the sermon translated into English and a children’s group that Hanna could enjoy. we also met some people working for the church in Turkey who were very generous giving us a hour lift back on the excuse that they could have a swim when they got there despite dropping us off at 9pm at night and facing a longer trip back due to the traffic conditions there. Apart from that day most of the holiday was spent trying to get out early morning to do something then hiding for the sun then enjoying an afternoon to evening on the beach. Helping Hanna and Benjamin to learn how to swim or at least fail to drown.

It is now 2 weeks since I left my main Job at Fitsystems, since then I have spent my time working on setting up my home business more and more. Whilst it was having its busiest month ever after my holiday.

So I have now sorted out adverts in 5 different publications and joined Checkatrade with an eye to do more adverts once I find the right places to advertise.  I also need to think about new products and how to create recurring revenue. Mostly thinking about offering unlimited remote support for a fee and remote backup.

So now it is a waiting game to see what new business the adverts may bring and more importantly our Baby which is due 31st August meaning it will be either the oldest or the Youngest in the School year.

So we would appreciate your prayers as we seek to see how God can use us in these changes.

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