Happy New Year 2012


Guess its time for an update before the year runs out and not much seems to have changed this year, I am still in the same job at Fitsystems in Brighton which I enjoy, still with my lovely wife and Daughter living in the same flat in Haywards heath.

But taking a closer looks things are moving on,my wife has in the last year passed a course in Child care and her driving theory test and has got permanent leave to remain in the UK.
My daughter has settled well in to both nursery's and we are waiting to hear what school she will be going to in September and is getting increasingly independent and now has a book instead of a blankie and enjoying Octonauts on Cbeebies.

In the last year I have passed 2 exams making me now a Microsoft Certified IT professional. and grown my own business see www.TomSeymour.co.uk part time although the website is a work in progress as I am relaunching the company in February having not advertised since August whilst doing exams and working on my future plans.

I am still trying to work out whether to stay in my current role or not as I need to do extra work to survive which I enjoy and there is not much stress as that all gets passed up to my boss. As he does not filter the sensitive areas down to us.

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