Ju-hee's mum visiting

Morning, it is still getting difficult to update this blog a lot seems to happen but not much change. We recently had Ju-hee's mum visit which was good and interesting to get to know her more but language difficulties prevailed although she is very easy to get on with and always wants to be helpful.

We did enjoy a trip to Stonehenge and Bath doing the tourist things we do not usually do. I did have to point out that spiritually something was wrong going to church in the morning then a pagan worship site in the afternoon. Although Hanna’s discovery of the cow pat put things in to perspective especially as I was with her at one of the furthest points of the site.

The next day after staying above a town pub (another shock for my mother in law) we went to the town of Bath where we did a bit of shopping and the tour of the city by Bus of which during the second ride Hanna managed to fall asleep on my lap which as we had gone out with out the buggy meant I had to carry her the 20 minute walk back to the car.

Recently we have also been trying to have more people around for supper which is good although keeping the time spare from work can be a challenge.

Yesterday we went to an OMF day at church which was interesting giving details on a few countries in detail and the Diaspora and Millennials (18-35)'s work although unfortunately only 3 millennials where present but plenty of prayer power available. I was also interested in the new (for OMF) idea of going out to start a business as mission. Although I am unsure how to found an IT support company abroad although it is tempting to try. But we have decided to wait for God to lead the way and for me to get my 2 planned MCTP exams out of the way.

Northlands Church is still going well we have a new website at http://www.northlandschurch.org.uk/

Thanks for your continuing interest.

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