March Madness um no April,


Time for another update I see as I missed March altogether. Had a busy month working 4 day weeks, even once with out my boss's prior agreement but that was only because he was to busy to get around to asking me to come in!
I also preached the Sunday before last on Malachi Chapter 1 which went well. This was on the theme of giving the best to God which is a very hard thing to do. Especially as we not have animals to Sacrifice any more. This passage was chosen as it is a part of the E100 course mentioned last time which we are now halfway through.
On Saturday we went up to Nottingham to see some Redcliffe college friends before they leave to go to Burundi, Ju-Hee has pointed out to me that we are the only ones who lived in Redcliffe house still in the UK. But I guess that’s the way with Missionary Collages. It was interesting discussing there plans about how they are shipping their Car out as they are so expensive there and don’t last long.
Ju-Hee is also keeping busy with her new piano, with frequent playing of ‘ring a ring a roses’ and ‘I’m a little teapot’ for Hanna, and she has started a child care course in order to expand her horizons.
Hanna is developing well and really starting to notice things, yesterday Ju-Hee put on a rain coat and Hanna said ‘Mummy you look like a Banana’ and today with a striped top, ‘Mummy you look like a bumble bee’. She has also been enjoying time looking after Max my Nephew as its good to have someone younger to show around.

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