Feb already

Mornin I am writing this on my new toy a kindle, which I got for my thirtieth birthday. Whilst waiting for Ju-Hee. Hanna is asleep in the back of the car and it is pouring with rain.

We had a good January god, blessed us with a busy period which included delivering 600yellow pages which my dad regretted helping me to fetch. Hanna also has had her own adventures including starting ballet lessons and a couple of trips to hospital due to trapping her finger in the door but it is much better now.

Recently at northlands we have started the E100 course. which I am enjoying with Ju-Hee reading together Ju-Hee with NIV and my self with the old king James as its refreshing to read familiar verses in a different way and fresh up on old English. I have also been asked to preach soon which I am not sure about but at least I have been given a choice of topics.

Anyway Ju-hee has come back and she has passed her driving theory test.

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