December Hols.


Hope everyone is ok and looking forward to Christmas, In case you have not heard Ju-hee has got her permanent residence visa and we have recently celebrated our 3rd year of marriage by going on holiday to Frogmore Devon. Please see,

12.Frogmore Holiday

For the pictures and especially the video’s of Hanna Singing Old MacDonald has a farm. We had a good time and just enough snow for Hanna to make Snow Castles but not to get stuck in the house. Although the house was big so Hanna learned how to play Hide and seek although she often got bored and tried to find me whilst I was still looking for her.
We also enjoyed visiting Plymouth where I was at University going to see my old house and the National Marine Aquarium ( which Hanna loved especially the Jellies. It was also strange having a week with out internet which means I have still not fully cleaned out my inbox despite being back for almost 2 weeks now. As we are enjoying the run up to Christmas as for the first time in my life I will not be sleeping in my parent’s house over Christmas and the first time we have got our own tree together and lights.

God Bless


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