Christmas Letter

Hello! Ju-Hee, Hanna and I are all fine and happy in Jesus Christ.

Last year, Ju-Hee and I made these prayer points on New Year’s Eve.


1. Settling in new flat: Yes, We did. We like our Flat.
2. Passing Network 2009 +: Yes, I passed this test last April.
3. Own business or 2nd job: Yes, I am running my own business. From spring, my Business is going well. Really, it is God's grace.
Also, God has blessed me; I have been working 4 days a week for my main job from October

1. Recovering confidence and Identity: Yes, God has been healing her confidence and Identity in the Gospel.
2. Thinking positively as trusting God: Yes, Still She is learning this and she is better than last year.
3. Having good experience: Yes, God gave her the opportunity of working in Nursery from last April to July.

And, she has got the permanent residence permit for the UK. It was good news for us.
1. Is starting to recognize God: We are not sure about it. But, It is sweet when she has a Prayer in meal time, she says 'Jesus Amen '. We think She likes 'baby Jesus' when reading A Christmas book, And She Knows Christmas is Jesus’s birthday.
2. Being more sociable and learning rules in community: She is still learning and she is talking more. But Sharing is still hard for her. She had a time staying in Nursery from Last January to July
3. Developing own personality and Korean Skills: Yes, She is not girlie. She tells us ' she is not a princess' and she does not concern about Dress and playing dressing up. She likes Trains and Dinosaurs. Tom and I have decided to send Hanna to Korean Martial art lessons (Tae Kwon Do) when she is 3 years old. And it was good she visited Korea with Ju-hee last September. She picked up many Korean words and songs.

Yes, God answered all our prayer points and more.
Also, He gave us his only son Jesus Christ.

Praise God.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Tom, Ju-Hee and Hanna

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