Turning points in life

Jesus said, "Feed my sheep. I tell you the truth, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you do not want to go."
Jesus said this to indicate the kind of death by which Peter would glorify God. Then he said to him, "Follow me!" John 21:18~19

We have turning points in our lives. It changes our perspectives, aspects; standards, values also, view of world in our lives. Sometimes, it gives us a lot of pains, confusions and also, happiness, the truth.

When I was just 20 years old. I listened to a sermon about John 21 for over 2 hours on 3 days at the Christian teachers Conference in Korea. At that time, I could not understand verses 18 and 19, frankly. Because, I was very young lady who had a lot of confidence and possibilities of life and many dreams. I know that I am still young. But, I am changed now.

From 5 years, ago I have had a big turning point in my life and it goes with Tom, our little Hanna and also our families.

I started my job as a teacher in middle school from September, 2002. The school was private. In Private school, many teachers can not have many privileges which having M. A, Doctor Course, Maternity leave, promotion etc as like teachers are in public schools. So, I stopped the work after 6 months and I started to prepare for the national examination to be a public teacher this took one year. Really, I did only study for the year.

After passing the test with a good result, the ministry of Education appointed me to a boy's high school which is good having smart students. For one year, I did my best for the last year students to make good score in my subjects and send them to famous universities. Also, I had got some scores for promotion as having studied and passed tests. After one year, I started to study in Open University. This also gives some scores for promotion. My plan was to do a MA course in support by the ministry of Education after finishing the study in Open University.

Always, my focus was on study and pushing my students to make good scores and sending them to famous universities. I found myself confusing what are the priorities for my students which are telling about the Gospel, listening, comforting and encouraging them in God.
I decided to join Mission team for Mongolia during the summer vacation in 2005. It was my second visit Mongolia following 2001. After coming back, I could not sleep for Mongolia. It was like that God prepared a feast in there and he called me to join it. I could not reject the calling. I decided to go to Mongolia to help Korean missionaries’ children as a teacher. And also, I could get time off for one year.

When I told it to principle and vice-principle. Although the principle is Christian and supported me so much in the school. But, they were so angry. They could not understand me as giving up study; teaching and many benefits why I wanted go to the poor country. When, I think the time. I was crazy in Mongolia. It was like something making me blind.

The vice-principle's last words was this 'I'll meet a Mongolian man, marry with him and not coming back to Korea'

Yes, it actualized except the Mongolian man. But, I have got the man who likes Mongolia.

For one year, I had a great time with my students and Mongolian friends in Mongolia. And another blessing was meeting my husband, Shy Tom in the local Church (Great love Church)

After coming back Mongolia, The ministry of Education appointed me to one of poor schools. It was like revenge to me. Many teachers do not like going to the school. Also, it seemed all disorderly students were called in to my home class. For one year, I had to treat the problems of suicide, crimes of violence, home and absence, expulsion. Visiting hospitals, police and a lot of parents as well as writing letters to Judges, It was so much to me everyday. Really, I cried God for my student’s everyday. Tom knows about it well. I could not handle their problems. It was a huge mountain. I burnt out. In School festival, my home class students showed musical to say thanks to me. It was a great gift for me, and they got a 1st prize. This was my last school living.

My maternity leave finishes on 29.Feb.2011 and Also, I leave school on this day.

Last Tuesday, I visited the school to say good bye and submit my resignation.

I thank God for giving me an opportunity of being a teacher and taking back the opportunity and also, my all students for giving me a lot of memories.

For Last 5 years, I lived in Mongolia, Korea and I am living in England.
I give me new aspect of understanding of poor and rich. From April, I am interested in books by Reuben Archer Torrey III and a book Progress and Poverty
By Henry George with the Old Testament.

I return the gift, teaching in school to God and I left my family. However. God has given me Tom and little Hanna, new family and new aspects.

I am getting understand the meanings of John 21: 18~19.

I pray my life, death only glorify God.

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