Home Alone


Just writing this from the flat after a busy quiet day going through my to-do list and found this buried halfway down. Anyway, its very odd living on my own again after a few years of marriage having to do the Cooking, Cleaning, Ironing, washing up etc... As well as the normal things I do emptying bins, hovering and work.
Doing well so far although seemed a very quiet day with the only high light meeting up with a friend to test out a hire car he was using today and a quick trip to HH to post a parcel.
Except of course talking to Ju-Hee who is having a good time in Korea, hopefully with both of them sleeping now! Hanna was tired when I phoned at 8pm Korean time at least, Ju-Hee said it was very hot and that she had gone shopping for more clothes! This is usually the only way to go for a walk in Korea when it is hot due to the air conditioning.
Work is going well, recently passed my Provisional period at work which is great although looking like its going to stay part time for a while yet. Despite the fact we are always busy and my boss wants to do other work, so keeping my Home Business going for now.
Here is Thursday night Supper which I cooked so that people can see I am still eating properly.


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