Local Church Leader Now


Just having a relaxing afternoon and realised it was time for what is now becoming the monthly blog post. Recently I have been asked by a Local Church Northlands wood to become a leader in the church and I accepted but as I am yet to go a meeting its only a honourable position so far, I have been warned it will get harder, the other worrying part is that the rest of the leadership team is all elders so hopefully not too much delegation downwards.

Work is still going well as is my studying, 1 chapter left in my Windows 7 MCTS book but I'll probably have to cover most of it again before doing the exam. Also got a new printer using my own work money as the old one went down to cheap ink, that leaked inside and messed it all up, leaving me first yellow then purple handed as a 2nd cartridge decided to leak. But was a lot more successful when our Dyson stopped working after smoking a bit, took it apart cut a bit of wire out and put it back together again, been working well since, bad design as wire had burnt through where it had been bent to fit in to the case.

Ju-hee and Hanna are still going well, Hanna is struggling with sleeping in the heat generally not wanting to do it then once achieved sleeping for a very long time, didn't see her till 8.30 this morning and she stayed up till 10.00 on Friday when we had friends around despite us spending an hour trying to get her to bed before they arrived.

Hope all is good, keep in touch, Now of to early church before the football, to hopefully see Holland win.


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