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Here is an update sorry its been a while first here is a bit I wrote last week.

I am writing this from a very wet Cornwall after enjoying a good drive this afternoon around Cornwall in the Rain, only stopping for a cup of tea and to watch a steam train drive in then drive back again to our base in rock. As we planned to go to a National Trust place and got there to discover it is shut on a Monday.
Hanna was very pleased to see us,when we came down Sunday after the wedding and is now asleep.

Sam's wedding went well on Saturday got some congratulations after my best man speech which is a good sign, it all went to plan. Good to see the Church and area Lizzi comes from and to have the opportunity to help their marriage service along. Although the Canal museum was also an interesting place to go if a bit Dark.

Now we are back from a good few days in Cornwall it brightened up again after the Monday so we managed to get some time on the beach Tuesday morning, followed by a trip to Padstow where the greatest entertainment for Hanna was a model train on the crazy golf course. I forgot to take reigns and now she does not like the pram so I spent most of the time trying to steer her away from the steep drops.

Business is going well got up to 4 call outs a week after advertising in Lindfield Life, which is good when balanced around my main job. Also now fully registered and done my first tax return which resulted in a refund which is good.

Got to go and do a bit more now, so will try to write again soon.


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