It gets more difficult to write these the more things seem to stay the same, when the only thing in my twitter feed is the accomplishment of nearly finishing driving the M25 in one day and the conversion of my parents old films to DVD.

I thought about writing about the election but even that is boring, for this area. As the main choices are the incumbent a Mr Soames a experienced man who is too busy or the Lib dems who's only policy seems to be that they are 'different' what ever that means.
Work wise we are both doing well Ju-hee is enjoying her work and in her next blog has offered to describe her new Job that she has not started yet.

My own business is now fully registered and set up for Tax, not sure what I have let myself in for there but should be a task this time next year. Although it seems to be quiet at the moment, with a few pieces of work due but getting delayed, see http://support.debomb.co.uk if you are interested, although if you can actually read it you probably do not need my help.

My mum’s back does need praying for as in the last week it has been even worse than before, and she is waiting on scans to find out why.


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