Work and play


Greetings from sunny Sussex. Happy birthday Emma if you read this. Today is one of my days off work so this morning, I looked after Eva and Hanna whilst Ju-hee went of to do her Wednesday cleaning job. It was interesting seeing the two play together and the different personalities, not sure who is the loudest as they each have their moments. I managed to even tire Eva out so she needed a nap after lunch despite being told she didn’t do them anymore.

Recently people have been asking about our future which has been a good reminder as with the recent job hunting and flat hunting, I had put it all thought of overseas work to one side, but we are realising through this time that we can be patient as some things like Ju-hee's citizenship takes time and reset themselves if we leave the country for too long.

Although I am thinking of perhaps doing a working holiday during the summer but not sure of the details yet, I do not like sitting on a beach.

My Job seems to be going well, getting everything done in time and learning new things as I go along, which will aid future work.

Also I have set up a new site for my IT support work at I charge less than others as this is not my full time job, also doing a few other things like VCR Cassette to DVD conversion


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