Morning Readers,

Having a busy day at home today after going to trying to fix Emma’s Acer laptop but you get what you pay for unfortunately, although I am impressed it still does most things despite a broken keyboard and no wireless and the occasional bad block in the system log. So sending her of to try and get it replaced under warranty.
Good news at the moment is that Ju-hee passed her living in UK test last Friday which means that she knows important things like the percentage of Bangladesh people in the UK, the history of the NHS and the EU. Next for her is the driving theory test, which is also challenging adapting to the different systems, So much simpler in Korea.

Hanna is still going well, trying to learn how to share at the moment although mostly wants us to do all the sharing! Eva is learning the same at the moment so was entertaining on weds going to my mum’s house where there was only one bicycle for them to take turns riding on, packets of anything are also interesting for the same reason.

All Saints is going well, shame to hear the news about Rachel last night at saints alive although it was also interesting to hear more about Grace church , Haywards Heath Although at the moment we still feel called to Northlands wood and All Saints.

My Job is going well we are planning on implementing some new software so we are all going to be doing some training in the next few weeks, which always looks good on the CV. I recently also enjoyed copying over the family video’s for my parents over to DVD as part of a new business venture, including trying to decide where to add scenes in and selecting which screen shots to take.

Sorry that this Blog is getting more irregular please see my twitter feed for more regular updates, the same feed is repeated here on this site , face book and linked in.


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