Happy Chinese new year


I have to admit it is getting more difficult to think of what to write in a blog now I am in back in comfortable Sussex, with a good Job, Flat of my own and the odd bit of extra work. It is strange to think of where God is leading us next when I am so afraid of doing language study and keep doing everything but. not even reading the 10 Korean words that come in to my in box each day, Although even that I am not managing as well as I used to.
But that could be due to one of my birthday presents series one of Hero's that I had missed whilst I was in Mongolia, one Saturday Ju-Hee and I sat down to watch a episode then a week later we did the same 5 episodes later it was definitely time to go to bed and less than a week later we have finished all 23 episodes!
It is also interesting reading my news feeds which concentrate on Mongolia and a few other countries to see that while the world is focused on Haiti, Mongolia is suffering and from Unicef
Although like Haiti, Mongolia can be a hard country to work in and money can disappear easily there.
Recently I found a letter from myself to my future self I wrote in Ecuador ten years ago, it is interesting to see what’s changed and what is still relevant, unfortunately my non Christian friends I listed to pray for are still not Christian (as far as I know) and I have not heard from some of them for years at least except via Facebook.
That’s all for now our latest pictures are here


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