Another expression of God’s love, wild plain

Every time, I recognize that God’s way is different with ours.

On 9th January, we moved out from our parents’ house to our first nest in England.

The last night of the stay, It snowed a lot. Frankly, I worried about moving out.

However, we moved out with many helpers.

Until moving out and making our own family house, Tom and I could not do without help and love for last 7 months.

For the last 7months, God taught many things in many ways through family, church and relationship with people. God wanted make us humble and patient.

In parent’s house, We laughed and cried, were happy and sad together And God made me belong to the family more .

I grew up in eastern society for 27 years. And, I had English family living for 7months.

Through the time, I have learnt what the different values of eastern and western societies are.

It was really useful for me understanding English family and Tom.

Now, I am very happy, Because, I can remember the last 7months with my smile.

I think we may have to go through many difficulties in our lives. Through this time, God made us stronger to go through our difficulties.

But, We can not do things without prayer and love from family, Church and
The relationship with friends.

Recently, I read about Joseph’s life in Korean Christian book, “The power of starting again”

Jacob loved Joseph so much among his children and gave the best things to him. Also, God loved him so much. But God’s way of love was different with Jacob, Because, God sent him to a wild plain to make him a governor in Egypt to save Israel.

The Last 7months was another of God’s expression of love.

So, we did a joint house warming and birthday party for Tom on the 23rd.

Also, Hanna had an accident of burning her right hand on hot stove 2 weeks ago.
Really, It was frightened me. But, her hand is been healing very well. It is so amazing.

God has given us new step in our lives. And, I am going to be 30years after 3 more weeks in England.

It is also another new step, a gateway in my life.

Yes, I am exciting about what God is showing to us, Tom, myself and Hanna.

Tom’s work is going well and is doing some work on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
From Last Thursday, we are sending Hanna to a nursery on every Thursday. She was so happy and active in nursery. It is good for all of us. So, Tom can find time for his studying.
Also, I am trying to get a part time job. Last week, I visited Job centre and this week, I’ll go to there again to search a job and making my CV more considering to different jobs. Also I am now enjoying a parenting course and a discipleship course.

Tom, I and Hanna are trying to be faithful on today.

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