Happy New Year


It is good to look on this New Year with Excitement I have a new job that is going well and we are moving out in to our first new place of our own where we should be for at least a year. We can just about afford the rent and the bills, which is good although I hope, pick up extra work once we have moved in.

We had a good party with around 20 people coming, including some people I had not seen for a few years, so we have decided to have another Drop in on the 23rd in our flat as a house warming party / my birthday, 2:30 till 6. Although equally if anyone wants to come and help us move in we are moving on the 9th from 11am ish .

Packing has been interesting clearing the attic of my parents sorting through my old magazines, school, college and Uni work as well as a couple of old redundant Amiga’s, So done quite a few trips to the tip to recycle the electronics and other stuff. So that my parents do not come back to a messy house although the garage is looking full from the gifts we have got from people in the church mainly a dining room table and a 3 piece suite.

On New years evening we decided to arrange some prayer points for the next year which are.
• Thinking positively whilst trusting God.
• Recovering her identity and confidence again in God
• Having good experience of English life , working and making relationships
• Start to Recognise God
• Become more sociable and part of the community
• Develop her self and Korean Skills
• Settle in to new flat
• Pass Network+ exam and one other
• Continuing own business or 2nd Job.

So please continue to pray for us as we work out what God has in store for us.


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