Merry Christmas


The new job is going well currently working 3 days a week sometimes in the office and sometimes on the road. It is good to spend some time not Job hunting when not working and also to do some practice for my next exam ,the last attempt was 66% so still more reading to do as the Network+ requires a 70% pass rate. Also my boss is allowing me to set up procedures so organising things for quarterly maintenance and software installation scripts to standardise new and existing computers. We started visiting a few offices together then quickly I got a few lone visits usually doing one office a day from 10 till 4 with over an hour driving each side doing things from replacing telephones to replacing servers and anything else that comes up. Although on Friday I got to work from Home due to the Snow, writing a document assessing our main client’s website thinking of ideas on how to improve it.

We also recently visited Redcliffe college, which was good seeing the babies all changed and growing bigger and the rest all the same, although a lot of new people, it was all change for Redcliffe house but was good to see that the people we knew had all moved in to larger accommodation as the babies have grown. Also the food continues to get better although they still need larger plates! Park Street mission was also continuing to go well with a few new faces and the encouraging news that they have continued the Drop-ins that Ju-Hee started with them.

We have decided on a rent a flat in Queens Court, which looks really good so sorting out furniture etc... At the moment. Although we have Christmas to do first! This is going to be a large family affair although with my Sister having another baby means it is going to be more of a struggle to fit everyone in next year!
We are also going to do a Drop in on New Year’s Day to celebrate the New Year instead of going out the night before but please warn us before coming ether here or in face bookface book. This will be at my parents as we will not be in the new flat yet.

Merry Christmas

Tom, Ju-Hee and Hanna

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