Well I have finally got a new job after nearly 6 months working part -time 3 days a week for a company in Brighton called fitsystems. Doing field support work to local business. Unfortunately I have to wait for a CRB check before I can start work. So I will not start till early December. So please pray for using my time wisely now sorting things out studying and I am still available for odd computer related jobs of which I did 3 last week and have 3 more booked for this week.

So in the last 6 months I have applied for at least 1260 jobs, 980 of which through Job serve the rest through various other lists, also improved my Job searching access database a lot which I hope to release soon for others to look at. (Once I find a host and write a cleansing routine) Although this role I have got was through the Job centre so it is worth keeping all options open.

Otherwise life is going well, we have signed up to help a few times at the Sunday kids club at northlands and I will lead a few more services in the New Year.

Thanks for your prayers.

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