Korea and back again


Sorry I haven't written a blog recently (last 4-5 weeks) but haven't felt like I have done much despite going to Korea for almost two weeks. So here is an attempt now.
We had a good time in Korea, Ju-Hee forced me to visit the dentist as its 'cheaper there' the dentist spent 5 minutes looking and decided that I needed 4 fillings for £500 so I left. Went to the dentist today who said my teeth looked fine and it was probably stress although still waiting on the X-rays to get back.

We also spent some time away from Hanna and stayed in a hotel by ourselves for a real break which was great, 3 days with out internet! I would like to say I missed Hanna most but I was nervous being away from the job hunting so long. But it seems I did not miss much anyway unfortunately.

During my time away we also went to the lion where Hanna express many an ooh and arww and that Cheetahs go Meow. She is walking around really well and it was a hard time keeping her in the right direction but now she is starting to complain about the buggy as to many things to see. Last I saw of her the language was taking a bit of a step back as we where trying to insert her in to Korean culture so suddenly we were all talking Korean (or at least everyone but me) so she got a bit confused, I have now been told not to talk to her in Korean at all as I’ll confuse her which is a good excuse, although I am not sure where that leaves the Thomas the Tank engine DVD I got for her as it can be played in both languages.

It has definitely been odd the last few days home alone with out Ju-Hee and Hanna got quite a few things done but doesn’t seem to exciting with out a audience and job hunting with out distractions isn’t fun as I have to make my own. So trying to resist Transport tycoon but failing badly today, but still managed to apply to over 20 jobs, which is my daily target. I still have 160 unread emails full of adverts will probably just mark them as read in a few days time as got some application forms to do, which take precedence over out of date jobs.

God bless


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