Can you Drink the Cup? - Henri Nouwen

Tom has been trying to get a job and we have been living in his parents’ house for almost five months.

Sometimes, I feel suffering and Sometimes, I feel joy.

Sometimes, I feared for my situation and Sometimes, I thanked God for my situation.

I like Henri Nouwen. His books inspire me every time.
I have read his book “Can you drink the Cup?”

I hope quote from his book to express my thoughts and feelings which are from my life during the last 5 months.

The words “Can you drink the Cup?” pierced my heart like the sharp spear of a hunter. I knew at that moment- as with a flash of insight – that taking this question seriously would radically change our lives.

Many cups speak of victory; soccer cups, football cups and tennis cups are eagerly desired trophies…….. These cups speak of success, bravery, heroism, fame, popularity, and great power.

Many cups also speak of death, Joseph’s silver cup, found in Benjamin’s sack, spelled doom. The cups of Isaiah and Jeremiah are the cups of God’s wrath and destruction.

The cup that Jesus speaks about is neither a symbol of victory nor a symbol of death. It is a symbol of life, filled with sorrows and joys that we can hold, lift, and drink as a blessing and a way to salvation. “Can you drink the cup that I am going to drink?”

Jesus asks us. It is the question that will have a different meaning every day of our lives. Can we embrace fully the sorrows and joys that come to us day after day? At one moment it might seem so easy to drink the cup, and we give a quick yes to Jesus’ question. Shortly afterwards everything might look and feel quite different, and our whole being might cry out “No, never!” We have to let the yes and the no both speak in us so that we can come to know ever more deeply the enormous challenge of Jesus’ question. ……….

Drinking the cup that Jesus drank is living a life in and with the spirit of Jesus, which is the spirit or unconditional love. The intimacy between Jesus and Abba, his Father, is an intimacy of complete trust, in which there are no power games, no mutually agreed upon promises, no advance guarantees. It is only love- pure, unrestrained, and unlimited love completely open and completely free. That intimacy Jesus wants to give us so that we can drink ours. The intimacy has a Name, a Divine Name. It is Called Holy Spirit. Living a spiritual life is living a life in which the Holy Spirit will guide us and give us the strength and courage to keep saying yes to the great question.

I have tried to say ‘no’ to God and to go back from my situation.
Sometimes, my reason accepted the question. But, my emotion and feeling still denied the answer. And I made excuses not having strength more to endure this time and not having more patience. However, God made me realize and feel his intimacy through families and friends in Christ.

Thank you those who love, pray and support us.
Through you, I feel his intimacy so that I can say ‘yes’.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. I love Henri Nouwen. Thanks for sharing this, and blessings on this season in your life.


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