Summer 2009


Not much to add as not much movement since the 6th when I last blogged but it’s over two weeks so better blog today and my job hunting is limited as Hanna is asleep in the room with my laptop and I have done 3 chapters of studying today. I did not get either of the Jobs I attended for interview although; I did get to the 2nd interview stage of my first one.
The other movement is that I’ve passed a IT qualification CompTIA A+ doing the 2009 version which was only released during this august, and I am now studying for a Network+ which once passed makes me a 1/4 of the way to a MCSE which quite a few jobs ask for. So will help with whatever I plan to do.
Ju-Hee and I are planning on going to Korea for a few weeks, end of September to allow Hanna to meet up with her grandparents after a year apart.
We did have a break though two weeks ago looking after my sister’s house when she went to France and are looking forward to next week when my parents go away so we can get the house to ourselves but will miss them of course.

God bless

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  1. Hi Tom

    Eddie and I are away atm but still picking up emails

    congrats on passing your COMPTIA A+ sounds brill would like to hear more about it when we get back

    love to Ju-hee and Hanna
    Eddie and Tina


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