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As writing this post it would be great to have some good news went for my 3rd interview yesterday, that is the 3rd in six weeks of Job hunting and I have not got any more booked at the moment. The only things that seem to be moving are Hanna and going slowly through an exercise book to prepare for an A+ test exam I should have done years ago. In fact the first book I had to study for it 3 years ago I left in Mongolia as it weighed over a kilogram.
Recently I have changed my schedule to speed up the studying.
6am wake up, play with Hanna till 7am, Get up, check quick emails, study one chapter, apply for 10 jobs , study another chapter, then apply for 10 more jobs and by that time its 5pm so time for Hanna's bath-time, which I help Ju-Hee with, As Hanna enjoys it so much.
Hanna is growing up so well and is almost up for running. Yesterday a group from Northlands church took Ju-Hee and Hanna to Wash brook farm, where they had great fun and when I joined them after the interview they had done so much they were much more tired than me. Despite the fact I had driven 95 miles that day already, with the interview and taking my sister to the airport. It was good to enjoy the lovely weather we have been having though.


Yes, I enjoyed so much with Hanna in Farm. But, hot and humid weather made me having headache. However, it was very great time. I thank you so much to Tina. She brought up Hanna and me.
Yesterday, we got one e-mail for All Saint’s Church. Some individual people supported us. So, Church gave us a Check. I was surprised their generosity. Really, I thank them a lot. Because, they trust God’s way and plan toward us and they want share us with our situation. It is absolutely gracious to us. And some people try to giving me a little job.

Last Friday, my mother-in- law’s friend asked me “Do you trust God really?
I answered “yes” and later I told her “If I did not trust God, I might go to Korea.” Because, If It is my purpose staying England to get a job, a house and money, I’ll go to Korea. I can go back to my work any time; getting house is easier than here. I trust God. And I trust his will why we should stay in England, What he wants teach us. I trust God really.

Especially, I thank Lu and Roger. They are making our burden more lightly.

Thank you for every one had supported and has being supported us.
Because, they have showed a mustard seed and trust God’s veiled way.


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  1. Hi Tom ,Ju-Hee and Hannah
    Glad you enjoy washbrooks farm i had good time too although weather was a bit clement perhaps we could try somewhere indoors next time praying lots and lots for Tom's job
    lots of love

    Eddie and Tina


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