First Interview


Got an email overnight and got my first interview up in London on the 23rd at 9am so a nice early start. apart from that the job hunting has been slow applying to about 15 jobs a day by sending CV and cover letters and doing a couple of application forms a week and getting a phone call every other day back asking for more information.

Last Friday I redid my Job seeking database so that it is scored based so I can adjust things easier to make sure the top jobs get in first. Although probably to much negative scoring with the top job at 121 and the lowest at -394

Hanna is doing well still lost count of the number of steps she can do, the funny thing now is that all 4 legged animals are currently called 'Bertie' or at least a close approximation. She is also enjoying time at the various church events including a church picnic last Sunday where she just wouldn’t go to sleep so people took it in turns to walk her around the garden.
How we shall cope when we get an extra dog is still to be determined as my parents plan on getting a new Jack Russell. But she has seen the dog involved and tried to name it ‘Bertie’ but we will think of something else. I have put some more photos of her and Eva here. Who has been coming around 2 days a week.

Windows 7
For the last week or so I have been trying out windows 7 (release candidate) and as Sam asked for a review I thought id make a few comments here.
Basically performance seems to be very similar to XP on my test machine,
But graphics are a lot better (graphical / pretty stuff) and things actually do seem to be better laid out. Also OpenTTD still works on it.
It is probably worth the upgrade from vista if you have a slow machine. But equally I wonder if I would have got speed gains if I had freshly installed XP again as my laptop had not been reinstalled for two years.
Best thing on installation though was the fact I did not have to find any drivers including Graphics Card, USB TV card and USB network card. It picked it all up fine.

I still have not got around to booking any extra tests but keep meaning to just it surprising how busy Job hunting is.


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  1. Hello !!!

    Good Luck! I am praying for your Job. God Bless you.

    God will help you. God loves you. Thank you.

    Sungbok. from Korea


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