Last Day and Communion

When I had communion before it was just a communion alone with Jesus, I did not think about the relationship with the community
The first day we came to Redcliffe College with an 11-week baby Hanna. Frankly, I cried about the small rooms, especially as one was toilet sized. Also when after supper, I wanted to wash Hanna in the bathroom but it was busy and then I noticed the Dutch family had five children. At that time, I did not have patience after washing Hanna I wanted to unpack and have a rest.
Therefore, I tried to wash Hanna in our small shower room, I failed she was frightened and screamed a lot. For one month after this Hanna was frightened of water.
In Redcliffe College, there are three dormitories
1. Wotton house for singles, couples with out children
2. Redcliffe court with flats for privacy
The other is Redcliffe house that was a hotel. In this house, we lived with three families. The Dutch family with 5 children, Burundi/English family with a baby girl one month older than Hanna and an Indian family with a baby boy one week younger than Hanna. We had to share kitchen, including Refrigerators cabinets and all things. Bathrooms, lounge dining room, playroom and washing machines except for our two small rooms. In addition, we had weekly house duty cleaning the large house.
Can you imagine this house? So many people told us it might be very difficult to live together. However, we confess to them how much we have been blessed.
Every Monday the four mothers had a prayer meeting; we shared out sufferings, happiness, and our unclear futures and prayed for each other. God blessed this time so much. We felt God’s presence every time with peace.
Every Sunday evening we had a family meal all together, we have a rota of cooking for the meal. Therefore, we enjoyed Burundian, Dutch, English, Indian, and Korean food.
The time was like Jesus sharing with his disciples. We shared our living (meals, rooms, emotions, prayer points, information, helped each other looked after each other’s babies, doing house job and watching films together.
We have learnt patience, consideration, and love in Redcliffe house.
During the last night, we had Communion together. As having this, we cried and cried as holding hope. (Although we cannot see and meet each other more in this world, we will meet in his Kingdom)
Because, we shared Jesus’ blood and body and Jesus promises He’ll send us Holy sprit. The Holy spirit connects us in this world. we are one in him forever. How much blessing is living together and sharing Jesus’ Blood and body.

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