Job hunting


Well as you may know, we are all now settled back in Sussex. I have gone back to the Job-hunting; Ju-hee is looking after Hanna and helping around the Home.
Need prayer for the Job-hunting.
I decided to start it slowly with a daily list 25 miles around home from Jobserve (I got all of my roles before Mongolia with them) , and there seemed to be the same amount of Jobs as two years ago although hard to tell as things have changed. Since then I have added several other lists Monster jobs, charity jobsite etc..
Anyway last Friday I increased the limit to 50 miles to cover London and there are half as many jobs out there as it used to be and I guess much more competition as time goes on.
In this time I have only had three phone calls from agents, the first one was helpful and encouraged me to have a look more in to the charitable sector but I only found one applicable role there and still have had no recent interview experience.
Debating whether to do any exams but at £150 a go and unsure if they will help. Also plugging away with the various benefits and money scrounging I can do. Found out that I need to do another form for child tax credits today. Shame I dislike the form filling and cold calling.
Any more tips will be welcome, although forms not so much..

Hanna is growing up well she can now do about 4 steps before collapsing and keeps insisting on feeding herself even if some of it goes to the Dog.


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