Well this will be final blog here at Redcliffe college, and as usual I am being rubbish at saying goodbye, but as a lot of other people are also leaving it helps, although having a final week prolongs everyone's departure making it all the more emotional.

I also now have a nice red folder, which I was presented at the graduation service yesterday to put my certificate in to. When I get it later in the year. In addition, I got my final piece of work back from the Teams module which we have been waiting for since Christmas, 56% so worth the wait.
We also had a good weekend down in Cornwall with the entire Family, no major arguments and plenty of Dog walking so was a good reminder of our childhood there even if we all brought our own extra children along.

Future plans

Our future plans are still unchanged from last week been busy packing etc.., no interviews from the Jobs I applied for in Gloucester so probably is good to go back to Sussex where there should be more Jobs available.

ITC stuff
Another reason I have been busy in the last week is that this term I took part in the ITC team again looking after the college computers particularly the students wireless network, which I have to admit has not been very successful but a few lessons learnt.

1. Access points break more often when you change settings
2. Windows does not like changing IP address's so avoid nested DHCP servers
3. What ever you do with the numbers they will still find a way to interfere.
4. Old buildings are not designed for wireless or any kind of network
5. Same settings in different makes of routers do not equal same settings, particularly with security settings.

Either way it has been an interesting and busy week and fortunately I was able to mostly escape the college video so was not too embarrassed, which I can not find on-line yet. Hopefully will not be too much of a drive home tomorrow with all that is left here (not much as parents took most of it, even the aspirin which I am missing at the moment.

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