Final Week


Just writing to say that we are still alive doing well here at college almost halfway through our final week here at Redcliffe college. I did my final presentation on Friday and only got 51 due to various issues, but all learning experiences and choosing a bad topic.

Then after lunch where I had to say grace before 60 students (who mostly ignored me saving me from nerves). We down to Cornwall to stay with my parents for the weekend. Unfortunately no photos of the weekend yet as I took the camera and spare batteries but not the actual photo card.

Before this I did several other things in the last few weeks including leading a service at Park Street mission where I read psalm 23 'The lords my Sheppard' and shared my testimony and a few other biblical insights on mission being where you are as well as to the ends of the world. After that serving the communion where fortunately one of the elders came up and guided me.

This week's schedule is going to be quite busy currently got the calm before the storm working out what is the most necessary to do. As the timetable for the next 3 days is busy, even triple booked for an hour on Thursday currently. Although I think, I can work my way around it.

Will be strange to say goodbye to everyone here so quickly after getting to know them and all of them at the same time. Please Pray for my Job hunt which should begin in earnest next week after coming back to Sussex on Monday 8th June. I did try to search a bit here in Gloucester but did not even get a interview.
God Bless



  1. WOW! Tom
    it only seems like five minutes since you all went away for a year
    looking forward to seeing you all again
    praying for your job search
    love to Ju-Hee and Hannah

  2. Together, I sense that you have been faithful to God in preparing for the future. The time spent, as a family, and with other like-minded individuals and families will have made an impact and the teaching programme has exposed you to some new and relevant areas, giving you a broader outlook of some of the issues that will influence your lives of Christian service.
    Your comment concerning "see you next week" was striking. By contrast, on our wedding day the vicar gave us this verse from Psalm 31 v15 "My times are in your hands".
    Will continue to pray that a working role will soon be identified so that you can settle into a home together and continue to prepare yourselves for whatever realm of service the Lord has mapped out for you both.
    "He who began a good work in you will carry it out to completion until the day of Christ Jesus" Phil. c1 v6


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