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This week I have handed in over 10 pages worth of personal reviews. which is why I have been lax on this blog site, but I am thankful for all my supporters the support for this quarter matched my fee's for the final term which is great and hopefully my parents will have me back in June if I do not come up with a better plan! Just got an essay, presentation, two websites and a sermon to prepare before I finish at Redcliffe in June. As well as a video night Ju-hee has organised tonight watching the Crossing. A very powerful and disturbing film and I look forward to seeing it with subtitles this time instead of just in Korean. Now I will include some highlights from my recent reports for you to enjoy

In Redcliffe house, I have enjoyed the experience of having time with Hanna, which I would not have been able to do if I was working full time. And the experience of having other babies around to compare and to contrast with Hanna so that we can all learn together as new parents as well as the experience from Marcel and Mintje.
I have also enjoyed the Sunday afternoon meals we share together as a house especially the BBQ meal I organised a few weeks ago, which I would have found very hard to do at the start of the year as I would have lacked the confidence to do it. In addition, I have enjoyed the other meals that have come out from the African and Indian heritages in the house as well as the Dutch food.


Therefore, in conclusion our time here has been beneficial for the whole of our family including Hanna who has benefited from using the crèche and being with other babies of her own age.
I have also enjoyed my time at Park Street mission as my placement, just being part of a smaller more unified open church, different to churches I have been involved in before.
However, it is hard to work out any major milestones for this year as there have been many small things going on rather than anything big as so much has happened in the last few years before coming to Redcliffe. Therefore, it has been a good year for settling.
However, I still have concerns for our future after Redcliffe, having to look for a Job again. As when I finished university eight years ago, it took me eight months to find my first roles and a few times since that, I have been out of work for 3-4 months at a time between jobs. Now I feel I should have much more pressure as I have a family to earn money for and to provide a home. As we, both do not like the idea of going back to my parent’s house to live for a long period.
Equally, I hope to find a suitable job for the future to gain experience before planning to go out on mission again. Therefore, we are trying to be prayerful and know that things are all in God’s hands.

And from my placement report

My next step after I finish this course is to see how I can get involved in helping others in the church back home and encouraging people to use what God provides and try to make the church more the centre of the community as it used to be. I was struck as St. Catherine’s on Sunday as I went to the morning service and at the end the Vicar said ‘See you next week’ making me think that for the majority who go there each week one hour thirty minutes is all they think they need of church fellowship.

So setting myself a bit task in the future, so I look forward to even more prayers.


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