Final Term


I am now back at college again for my final term, which has arrived far too soon, I still have five assignments to complete but a reduced timetable, Spirit world, concurrent placement report, personal development report and two more.

We had a good Easter doing many varied things including visiting the OMF HQ in Sevenoaks to see the IT systems there to enjoying time with my 3 nieces, who are all growing well. I also went to the London's men's convention which clearly showed how it is not possible to please everyone but they had a good go at it, I am just glad we have bigger chairs and desks to write on at Redcliffe. However, all the talks where good and encouraging and should be interesting to see how different it will be next year when they plan to do it will a mission focus. See once they have updated it.

After this term, we are thinking of staying in the UK for a few years, whilst Ju-hee sorts out settling in to the country (visa issues etc...) and for me to gain more commercial experience to balance the time I have spent abroad.

God bless



  1. Hi Tom
    it was great to see you and Ju-Hee and Hanah
    we are praying for a completed and successful year for you all
    it would be lovely to finally have you all round for a Sunday lunch when you get back
    love to Ju-Hee and Hannah
    Tina g

  2. Hello. thank you for you sent me email. I knew well for you. always I pray for your family. Be health. I love you with all of my heart.
    Hanna is even more beautiful than the another children. I love to see your family. thank you for you love juhee. God bless you. good bye from sungbok

  3. Well done



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