OMF & Modern Nomad Conferences

In this term, we are busy every weekend going to Holland, OMF conference and the preparing families for overseas conference at Redcliffe last Saturday. However, every time it is amazing and graceful for us because God gives us peace in any circumstances.

In the OMF conference, I was so excited listening to sermons about Habakkuk, when I was in uni; I studied Habakkuk eight hours every day for a week. It was a great time knowing God's mind and Habakkuk's confession. God told us He is the salvation repeatedly, so we can be joyful and happy.
We also checked God's calling again; we met OMF directors and discussed our future, any way we should settle in England for the next few years. Until now, Tom and I had family living alone for only 3 months between Korean, Mongolia and the UK. If we go back to a mission pace we cannot live like normal families.

We are modern-nomads, they suggested us to search a new mission place, frankly, we are used to living in Mongolia, It was a challenge to us, but this is also a good opportunity for us to open our mind and eyes towards his work. Just we are nomads in this world.
We got good information from the Northern Ireland directors that we met about an organisation that supports North Korea. I also have an email from some teachers at Faith academy in Philippines. An OMF Korea Ex-director connected me with them, they have a training course (GT2) for TCK (Third culture kids) teachers, this starts in January every year for five months.
Tom also has a plan to go to the UK head office of OMF to talk to the IT manager during Easter. Sometimes God commands stop to us and we should stop if we trust got in our circumstances. Sometimes, God commands go to us and we should go. It asks our patience, however God gives us peace.

After Tom finishes studying in Redcliffe, we should get jobs and a house and moving somewhere else, we should start a new living again. We do not worry because God is giving us peace and we know God has been leading us until now. We are just nomads in this world and God is going forward before us and leading us,
Thank you God, first we trust you and then we will know and understand you more.
Peace with you forever


P.S.: I cut my Tom's hair again yesterday, I am becoming bolder.

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