Holland Take two, with company


Not sure how many knew of our plan, but Ju-hee, Hanna and myself went to Holland to Aphrezo and Sylvia's wedding a couple we both knew from Mongolia. Aphrezo being my flat mate for 8 months and Sylvia the friend who kept coming around for supper.
Anyway travelling to a foreign country is always interesting, Bristol airport is small but functional, park the car , get on a Bus, walk a bit, get on a Bus , get on a plane. This is all good if you like buses, pushing prams, carrying suits and baby supplies. KLM were very friendly they took Hanna's buggy away once we arrived at the plane and had it for us when we got of. Although disembarking then takes ages when they use steps and only one door.
Then of course bus to terminal then fast track though security (Non EU door is so much quicker) after that a quick trip to burger king (BK) and a supermarket got the train to Amersfoort.
The hotel was lovely; Hanna was a good icebreaker smiling at everyone else. So then being good international travellers and understanding the importance of local food for supper, we went to the local Thai restaurant.
Next morning we had breakfast in the hotel, a good buffet and then pondering over the strange sign outside, not sure of the exact meaning. (Business bubbles are normally not good)

The blessing itself went very well, due to mix ups forgetting the time, enjoying too long at burger kind, we arrived only just in time, which was good. They both looked great of course. Ju-hee's camera decided to smoke when we took a photo at the start so we decided to give it a break, so not many photo's of the actual wedding. However, that is best left to the professionals anyway. The service was held in Dutch and English which was good although I noticed that the Dutch songs where louder!
Afterwards it all got a bit more relaxed, they did a lovely meal of Indian food on one side Dutch on the other so I visited both although the best solution I found was the Indian sauce on top of the Dutch food!
One of the problems in Holland which I have not encountered for a while whilst being abroad is the fact that I did not look foreign, for instance I was talking with Bernd and then he introduced me to this lady who had also gone to Mongolia. Then he left and she turned to me and started speaking Dutch, which we got over quickly.
Aphrezo and Sylvia were very friendly, he is already getting tired of all the cycling, but they have a good plan, YWAM course and then settling back in Mongolia helping a children's NGO.
So anyway going to Holland is much like going to Redcliffe you go to a strange town where there is a confusing amount of cycle paths, road signs and level crossings. Whilst you can speak to everyone in English, you are still surrounded by Dutch people.

Next Friday we are going to the OMF conference not sure of the plan there. but many talks at least.
God bless



  1. well done Tom and Ju hee - very good report - look forward to seeing a picture of you celebrated COOK Tom

    all love


  2. Thank you for your trip is good. I pray for your family is good always.

    I very love to see your family. Hanna looked very much growing.

    see you leter. thank you. sungbok.


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