Welcome from Holland, meant to do a blog before I left but been so busy (far too many cooked breakfasts,snow fights ,lectures, reading, presentations, prayer nights etc..), also been going through several drafts in my mind here.

The flight was quite uneventful, no TV but a great view of England which showed how bad my geography was then as we crossed the channel it fogged up.
When I arrived in Dusseldorf it was like landing in a airbase we came in through the fog drifted over some tree's then over the road then wire fence, past some hanger sized bomb shelters then finally landed. The plane taxied up near to a warehouse with some buses outside, two people pushed the steps to the back for us to disembark and we walked down them and walked towards the building thinking that we would get on to one of the buses to get to the terminal but it turned out that was it!
But at least i didn't have to wait for my bag's as I only brought hand luggage. but we had to wait for some strangers to become apparent. but as Mike went to get the rental car it got very quiet then he came back they had missed the flight. which was handy as the rental car was smaller than expected. so we drove to Holland on the local A type roads went over several motorways and finally found a supermarket for lunch. Fortunately guess work was sufficient to get food although not that special, we passed a McDonald's ten minutes later so we will try that on the way back. As Ryan air food is expensive and dubious quality.
After this we got in to Holland where it is still foggy the road went down to a single track with cycle paths on both sides and a separate cycle path to one side. and after passing several tractors finally arrived.
Today the fog finally lifted once the sun arose halfway through breakfast to blind us. Later on I thought I would go up the nearest hill to look around but having a look around I could not find any. so went down to the local pond that was frozen and half full but still looked good and peaceful. Holland the same as most places looks a lot better when the sun is out and the smell of muck spreading is cleared away.
The talks have been very interesting mostly technical but a few more spiritual ones earlier in the mornings, enjoyed the one on resisting temptation as the guy was very honest about it and gave good advice.
Also I was glad of the homework one of the lectures set for the half-term early about Ephesians as I am using my time here to get started on it, despite the fact its not marked.

Pictures are to follow as I do not have a card reader here. but before I left I put some more photo's up on the picture site. please pray for my headaches as they are starting to come back again.

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  1. thank you for your e-mail.

    I love you, I will pray for your health. God bless you.



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