Hanna is coming down from heaven as an Angel?

It is so amazing how God is making a new life from one man and one lady and God mixes them well to make his new life.Frankly I can not remember the process of Hanna's growing. I was busy settling here but I am enjoying so much looking at her growing. It is a big and great gift from God.

In this term she is growing so fast, Above all she is giving big smiles to lots of people. She makes many people laugh and smile and praise that God is bringing her up in his hands.

During Africa night in college she was so excited when we sang worship songs, she was clapping as she was praising God. She was laughing, giggling to people, people were so happy looking at hanna. Suddenly I though Hanna looked like an angel coming from heaven. She is also trying to crawl and showing off her two bottom teeth. She also recently has been sleeping all night 11pm till 8am.

God! you are a father of all our lives. Thank you for giving us your lovely daughter, to us in this world. Give us your wisdom and love to bring Hanna up in your hands.


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