Almost End of term


Whilst I have got 15 minutes spare, almost food time (5:45 if you arrive at 6:00 you go hungry) thought i would post a little.

IT stuff
It may surprise you that this term I was on the IT staff this term instead of doing the washing up which I will do again next term, its odd doing that role as you do not want to volunteer too much and run out of time but equally you have to do something otherwise you are being lazy. So I decided to do some upgrade stuff on the open access resources room pc's. (sp3, IE 7 etc..) and what ever came up, which is hopefully successful, we still have space for two more machines there though which would be appreciated especially ones with more than 256mb of ram as none of the current ones do.

Park Street
This term I did not do very much, only lead two bible studies on revelations and attended the church and bible studies when possible (Sundays & Thursdays)

The conference last week went well no direct job related interests although one in south Germany was suggest but I have not had a chance to look further. ( apart from that it was interesting to find out more about security, hacking and personal development. Especially the idea that if you are angry write down the exact reason then read it later so you can learn or realise how silly you were. otherwise it is good for longterm contacts I.e. and I hope to go again next year, if not take more part in it.


so all good and very busy but still enjoying my time here at redcliffe. I am heading back to Sussex Friday afternoon for five days till Thursday morning, please email if you want to meet up.

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