Term 3 - Too many Hanna's


Well we are settling well back in to redcliffe for the third term and I have done a week and a half and am just about to get on top of things again (by doing this blog)
The plan for this term is for me to study

Primal Religions
Christian Theology of Religions
Wealth and poverty
Between the Testaments and the Gospels.
and a short Car maintenance course.

We are also now making use of the creche as Ju-hee and I are studying the Hinduism module together although still undecided whether we will be partners for a group presentation either this term or the next or whether I will work with others.
Hanna is growing well had her toe pricked for some tests today which she missed after her birth not being in the UK at the time.
After supper I normally ask 'Hanna do you want a bath now?' to tell Ju-hee that I think we should go now. although it was complicated tonight as I had not noticed that another student had come to wipe our table also called Hannah, so had to explain quickly which Hanna I was talking to!
Park street mission is still going along the same as last term was one extra person the first week but he was not there last Sunday. I am leading the bible study again on Thursday doing Revelations chapter fifteen , which is titled 'The angels with the last plagues'.
We are planning on coming back during the half term so hope to see as many people as possible on Sunday fifteen February.
God bless


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