Happy New Year


Happy new year, we are all now back at Redcliffe awaiting a new term to start on Monday. we have had a very good Christmas after the funeral was done and I recovered from the cold, although Hanna still has a runny nose.
Next time I post I will say what I am studying this term as next week I can try out some of the lectures before making up my mind.
The funeral went well with a short cremation in the morning followed by lunch then a service at all saints which included a good summery of my grandfather's life by my mothers cousin.

Christmas was very busy with Holly's birthday the day before so plenty of people around then on Christmas day we had all the family at my parents house so the men felt totally out numbered Dad,me and Mark verses Mum,Emma,Holly,Ju-hee,Claudia,Daisy,Eva and Hanna.but it all went well peacefully. pictures are here.
On boxing Day, Ju-hee,Hanna,Bertie and I went of to New haven to enjoy a nice chilly walk, lovely fresh air followed by a MacDonald's Apple Pie and a cappuccino for Ju-hee to warm up, all went well and we enjoyed the lovely views.

Hope everyone else had a good Christmas and a happy new year.

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  1. Hi Tom
    It was good to see you all over Christmas glad the funeral went well

    we are praying for a good term for both you and Ju-Hee along with Hannah
    next week we are posting prayer post cards in 800 houses in Haywards Heath this means that if people would like us to pray for them they send the postcard back to us and we can then pray for them follow the next two weeks of prayer we are having a prayer breakfast at the church on 18th Jan

    looking forward to more news about the church you are all attending

    love to Ju-Hee and Hannah

    from Tina g


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