Halfway House


Just posting to say that I am now past halfway through my time at redcliffe, still needing finance for the fifth term,but doing well.
This term is proving to be a lot harder than the first two with reading of over a hour for all but one of the modules on top of the assignments, which are all very different and some require group work and some don't. Also groups of various sizes so that you get confused. I spoke with one student today discussing work load and he said that he did not realise that I also did the Friday double lectures, despite the fact that I sat next to him and we are in the same group! but it was Monday morning.
I am looking forward though to my time in Holland next week the flights are booked and there will be a 3 of us travelling together if not four. so we will get some discussion done before we even get there.
My birthday was interesting, I turned over halfway through the night and kicked something of the end of the bed thought 'that's a stupid place to leave things' and went straight back to sleep. But once I woke in the morning I found my wife had left five presents for me. Including a badge which I took in to college, put on my desk and did not think anything further then the lecturer noticed so he got everyone to sing happy birthday to me, which was the first time it had been sung this course! despite the fact that a week before one of the students went around with a helium balloon advertising his thirtieth!
Then at lunch time I got sung at again as Ju-hee advertised my birthday by putting sweets on every table. yet again breaking the rule that they do not sing in case they miss anyone out.
so keeping nice and busy got a bible study of revelations seventeen to prepare (Killing of the giant prostitute by the beast)

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