End of Term (Christmas coming!!)


Well it is officially the end of my coursework for the Year I handed in my last Assignment earlier today. Therefore, I just have three lectures and a few Christmas parties to go. We will be heading back to Sussex on Saturday morning, so looking forward to seeing people in the Sussex area. If any computers need to be fixed or checked over I am sure I can come around for a fee.

We should be around until the 1st of January. We were planning to come back on the Monday but my Grandfather's funeral is on the Monday so we want to be back for that.
This means unfortunately we will miss Park Street Mission's Carol service, which I was busy this morning handing out leaflets for with some of the congregation. We managed to get it in a few of the local shops as well which was good. However, unfortunately not many responded when we tried some door knocking but we did not get any rude responses.
Although we heard from the other people, they got some success but had to leave one block of flats as the police where about to raid one of the apartments. Therefore, someone had some bad news instead of the Good news we were trying to bring.

On Thursday, we have our Christmas party, which this year is a formal event. Unfortunately, when I left Sussex I forgot my suit but my wife assures me that my Korean Hanbock will do. I will enclose a photo at least I will not look boring.

Hope all is well and look forward to seeing people again over this festive period.

Merry Christmas


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