The wedding in Cana - John 2:1~12

I have read Acts with great excitement but now I am reading John.
Last Friday, We got a letter from OMF which stated that they decided to delay our applications. While wating their response, I prayed and prayed for keeping my mind in peace.

As reading the letter, I confessed " Thank you, God. you know us very correctly." I was not disappointed about their decision. However, My mand and body were depressed like the English winter climate.

Later that evening, I started to read John Chapter 2 "The wedding in Cana"

Jesus's mother said to Jesus " They are out of wine." (v3).

Yes, God! We are out of many things. Our jobs, finance and applying to OMF.

Jesus answered his monther " You must not tell me what to do." "My time has not yet come."(v4)

Perhaps, We are not prepared to go back to Mongolia or Mission places.

However, Jesus mother then told the servants "Do whatever he tells you."(v5) She knew Jesus as God's son and looked forward to Jesus' working. So, she asked the servants "Do whatever he tells you."

Still, We don't know what God wants and commands for us to do next year. Just, God wants us to 'Do whatever I tell you'

Jesus performed his first miracle in Cana in Galilee ; there he revealed his glory and his disciples believed in him (v11)

Through this part, I have seen our situation. God'll ask us "Do whatever I tell you." and We'll see God's working, He will show us his glory in our lives.

God! We are looing forward your working for us and your glory.

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