Different Devotions


Well the new term has started well, been keeping very busy and constantly changing what I do, for example on Monday I first had a bible study on Philippians ch1 then lead a bible study on Philippians ch2 then a lecture on Luther, Zwingli and Calvin.
Followed by a business lunch discussing the Sunday service for Park street which I will be leading with a couple of students from Redcliffe. which was done in the middle of the canteen. but was successful anyway.
Then I was due to have a meeting in the afternoon so I settled down put on the TV where we were due to meet and after enjoying Diagnosis Murder (where as usual it was the guy who does not fit in to the initial plot) decided that I was wrong on the date (we ended up meeting the next day). So did a bit of that assignment anyway then went for a walk with Hanna, whilst Ju-hee taught the piano.

Special Devotions
This morning, I went to devotions expecting to help with doing the sound or running the laptop as I have been doing for the last few but instead I was kicked out of the hall as today was to be a special devotions.
So after enjoying a cup of Tea and having my bible confiscated, I met up with Ju-Hee and we were led in to a very dark lecture hall.
Where someone announced 'That as we were in a land where the church was persecuted we should be quiet' so after a few songs , still in the dark, had some prayers and testimonies, suddenly the door was hit loudly and a deep African voice shouts 'Is there anyone in there' and tries to get in but the door is bared and we all keep quiet and he goes to the next door and tries again and gives up.
Then we were shown a film from Open Doors about the persecuted church how people worship the lord every week as we had done. Then the windows were open and we had a final song and went to our house group.
Where we had a guest this week a former Redcliffe student who shared about his work in South Africa, The aids work, crime rate and how his studies supported him.

Park Street Mission
All things are going well with my placement I have to do two things this week lead a bible study on a chapter 13 tomorrow night and lead the service on Sunday. As well as help plan the carol service for the 14th December including some door knocking. So please pray for those.

Also I have updated my on-line photo albums to reflect this new term.
http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/Tomdebomb/9RedcliffeTerm1# For term one
http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/Tomdebomb/11RedcliffeTerm2# for Term two
http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/Tomdebomb/8bLindfield# For our time in Lindfield this summer

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