Life moves on


With the excitement of Ju-hee's first blog and the OMF situation, I forgot to tell about the service last week.
The Service went well, although I had to try to curb my enthusiasm over the word 'morning' as it was an evening service. I also had to lead from the top, which was scarier, but it all went well despite saying 'Good morning' at the start. In addition, when I Prayed for Meshach the student who was teaching I blessed his words for the morning. However, he spoke well about the ‘Hope we have in God’ and was enjoyed, despite him not bringing a Tie. He was told that the church was a brethren church, and in Africa brethren church’s like to dress down, but Park street is actually a Free church and typically it was only me and him who ended up not wearing ties.
Another student who came as well Georgina shared her testimony, which encouraged the people there including my wife, as Georgina is the student that has been giving her English lessons.

This Morning, I got up slowly did my exercises, tried to resist using my laptop until after breakfast which I actually did. Saying to Ju-hee I was going to do some course work so after 45 minutes of checking email, face book, Ikariam (on-line game), RSS feeds and the news. My sister came on-line to tell me that my Grandpa was seriously Ill in hospital. Therefore, I did not get around to the coursework.
Then around 30mins later, I heard that he had died so after sometime trying to get hold of my parents who are away. I heard from them and it is all organised at least, as he has been fading for sometime.
I am glad that last time we saw him; he smiled for the first time in ages when he held Hanna for the first and final time. He corrected himself quickly but I saw it.
Not sure of the plans but we may head back to Sussex sooner than expected but not moving yet as the parents are due back on Thursday and that is when plans will be made.

God bless



  1. Hi Tom

    sorry to hear about your grandfather passing on, but isnt it wonderful that he got to see and hold Hanna
    as a grandparent myself i know how wonderful this must have been for him and for you and Ju-Hee to know that you were able to provide this little bit of happiness before he passed away

    we are looking forward to seeing you all again hope you can fit our church in for a visit in your very busy schedule

    I am sure you have heard about Tim and Eva getting married this month

    love to Ju-Hee and Hanna

    Tina G

  2. Greetings Tom & Ju Hee

    I Assume you will soon be back in Lindfield for your well deserved break!

    Have appreciated your blog entries and can see that it has been quite hard going especially OMF. However, the Lord knows.

    Your blog entry for 23 November was especially moving. So glad you have enjoyed Acts so much.

    Really sorry to read that your Grandfather has died but so pleased that he was able to hold Hanna.

    Will get glimpses of you I'm sure

    Every blessing



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