After half-term


well it’s been a while since the last blog, just seen the all saints news, supposedly I update this weekly! This term I am also doing this blog for Redcliffe College, for which I have been told to do short blogs and weekly so I will try.

Half - Term
This half-term did not go to plan, Ju-hee and I decided to leave college early which meant that Hanna's schedule got disrupted and so did my sister's at the other end, Therefore leaving us with a screaming baby leading to a late night after a long drive. I may leave it till the Monday for the Christmas break. But at least the drive was nice and clear. Then after a good day meeting people on Sunday I was ill Monday morning then ju-hee was Tuesday to Wednesday and some head ache issues.

Park Street mission
we got back to college on the Saturday evening after a 20 mile detour as neither of us had been keeping in touch with where in the country we actually were! So on Sunday morning Ju-hee and I sat down for breakfast and I got her to pray for what i was to do that evening.
So then the idea of a prayer meeting came up. So with some planning and a few bible verses it all came together. Was good to hear there prayers and they enjoyed the change but would like to here my testimony sometime. It is interesting they do not like to share before praying, they just start praying which seems to keep everything on track. After this it was their AGM on Tuesday night where we discussed plans for the future of the church now that there is some housing nearby. So some door knocking may be in my future.
Going back to the college everything mostly the same except the food seems to have improved now the old chef is back and in charge, larger portions (didn't even go up for seconds this evening) Also most of the modules have changed tack as they go on to the second half. I have a bible study to go to next Monday morning instead of a lecture for instance.

So hope all is well, keep in touch and I look forward to seeing people over the Christmas break.


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