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please see above for pictures, decided to do a sideshow of everything rather than picking the best photo's so enjoy! just click on the photo's for a larger version.

So in the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of different things so here is some highlights. first church visiting,
1) Cambray baptist church, Cheltenham. This church once I arrived seems to be the perfect sort of church, plenty of people in all age groups. Even student events. But problem is distance 7-8 miles away and parking £3.30 for 2 hours! But I prayed and God doesn't want it as our home for the year. spoke to a few people but only 1 was someone we had not met before and that was just to point out the baby room which is right at the front of the church! Go up past the preacher and turn right (just the sort of thing you want to do with a crying baby). perfect church if you want to sit back and relax.

2)Gloucester Cathedral,City centre.This large historic building I first visited after a redcliffe men's breakfast or lad's fry up. basically the same idea just less scripture and involves the cafe down by the coach station rather than somewhere posh and less tasty.(sorry red cafe young men like a large cheap(unhealthy) breakfast). but anyway the cathedral is very good you can actually see inside unlike the Notre Dame in Paris and could probably fit all saints in twice including the spire. with the resulting heat issues. we talked to someone there and they said in the summer it is lovely to come in as it is nice and cold! As a redcliffe group we managed to convince a guy to show us around the crypt which he started of the tour by saying the crypt is not where church's kept the bodies. but at the end told us that the dead bodies were actually stored there, but that's not its main purpose that was just because they ran out of space in the grave yard. But empty now because the laws changed and they got reburied on the north side.
Anyway the next day Ju-hee and I went to the cathedral to try the morning sung Eucharist, which was entertaining but not very friendly, but I guess they are used to one off visitor's. Also the echo in there is incredible makes it hard to understand things.
3) Park Street mission (no website) This is a old brethren church in the city centre right near the cathedral which is suffering from the fact its surrounded by shops and car parks rather than the houses when it was set-up 330 years ago (anniversary next weekend). It only has a 6.30 service which is why we have been going to other church's as well. This church has a congregation of around 15 of whom we spoke to nearly all of them on our first visit. So my plan this year is to support this church and I am trying to work out a placement with them. but they are a bit busy with the anniversary preparations, which I hope also to help with.
They are going to be open all next weekend as a museum and finishing of with a celebration service with the local brass band. I have now been along twice and a home group.

Otherwise last night me and Ju-hee had separate events with her going to a international meal and I went to a open mic night at college with Hanna, who did not enjoy it but fortunately ju-hee rescued her halfway through, (something to do with noise and bed time I think) I have been told that next I should go to the international meal as there was food left over! The open mic night was good a few musical acts mostly. Although one attempt at a dating show was done by a Dutch guy. which was a bit confusing.

So back to the studying I have got it down to six lectures a week(plus devotions which I have had to help out controlling the words twice so far) and Ju-hee is now doing two lectures, the extra one being public speaking. she is also teaching some of the children to play the piano.

OMF wise , Ju-hee and I are busy doing the 7 forms they sent us 3 weeks ago before they visit us in 2 weeks time along with other redcliffe students. When we will have to do a Modern Language Aptitude Test should be interesting giving my bad track record of learning languages.The minimal to survive that is.
Hope all is well at home.Today we plan to go to the local parish church St Catherine a good 2-5 Mins(depending on traffic lights) walk down the road. followed by Park street mission in the evening.

God bless



  1. Hi Tom

    thanks for really interesting email
    it was great to hear of the different churches you have visited and i will be spellbound to hear how you all get along at Park Street Mission

    our barn dance went brilliantly stewart borrowed a huge life size cow from the local shops and about fifty bales of hay superb fun had by all

    special harvest service was well attended and edward preached an excellent gospel message as most of the congregation were unsaved as we invited the children from friday clubs and their parents

    edward is preaching every sunday eveing in october at lindfield church and tina taking family service at lindfield church next sunday (please pray cos she got lost on way home last week)

    we have photos of you all on our rolling notices every sunday, to remind people to pray. couldnt find any with all three of you on them so had to do seperate ones and at the top of this email couldnt find any photos today but picked the others up of your web site and will go there to look for more

    love to Ju-Hee and Hannah

    Tina g

  2. Good morning Tom Ju-Hhee and Hanna

    Thank you for keeping us in the picture

    we will talk later



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