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well I just got back from taking Hanna on a failed shopping trip got 3/4 of the way in to town and realised I did not have my wallet.
Which is kind of Ironic as recently as part of my course I have been doing Myers Briggs and a few weeks ago we did a test which assigned me a ISTJ, unlike the INTJ I thought I was from his description of the types.
So according to their notes I am thorough,hard-working and responsible and seek to maintain what is efficient and useful and will follow through on their commitments in short dependable. I do not know further details as on the lecture on Thursday I had left by notes behind so I went in thinking I was INTJ again. So I am now thoroughly confused on the whole thing.
so on with the news.
Park Street Mission

Last week was the anniversary soon Friday evening we collected a pack supper from college and went down to help the church set things up, putting up banners etc.. see
for some of the pictures. The church was then opened 10-4 on the Saturday and the Sunday. but unfortunately not many people came. one reason being given was that the local newspaper forgot to show their advert or send the photographer they agreed to.
But on the Sunday evening their evening celebration was well attended about 70 ish, so almost a full hall although I have heard once that their service was attended by 300 weekly which must have been standing room only. so it all turned out well in the end.

On Friday I had a talk with the people from the East office for OMF, they were concerned that I had not spent enough time on the forms (2483 words is not enough) and that things may be going too quickly for us. Although I am not sure how they could go at any other pace with out wasting time, or adding more changes ie finding a job for myself in the UK or elsewhere and another place to live. Also they worry my spiritual maturity which again was due to disagreements over the forms, and also I hope to become more mature in that way over this year otherwise what would be the point of studying!
Anyway in the afternoon , I did a modern language aptitude test, which I think went reasonably well putting in several methods that I have learnt from studying other languages but equally it only tests your short term memory so I can not remember any of the phraseology I learnt now.

Tomorrow we plan to go St. Catherine again in the morning as it is nice and close and because a lot of redcliffe students go to it we can just be sociable to them and then in the evening go to Park street mission where in 3 weeks I have to preach/ lead the service.


  1. Tom

    Thank you - this is a very "Tom" email - totally objective and truthful. We all forget things - all I can say is that I am glad I have not been involved with Mr Briggs and Mrs Myers - I have heard about them and I want to keep clear!

    Keep head up and God knows what he wants from you

    All love to Ju hee and Hanna

    God bless


  2. Dad has read this to me earlier on -
    there is a very old saying Tom, not particularly Christian, which we all fervently believe in , but pertinent to everyday life nonetheless
    'dont let the buggers get you down'
    if you get my drift - they're obviously shaking you up to see what you're made of - remind us to tell you a lovely story of myers briggs when you get home
    keep going boy, you'll be fine
    we love you


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