Time up in sussex Already!


I am about to go to All saints to be commissioned for my time at Redcliffe college this year. Still needing to raise more funds especially if people can commit to donating regularly. My parents have agreed to fund any left over's so I can do this year. But they can not do that forever.

I have enough cash on hand to pay for this term at least. But not sure about next term. But All saints quartly donations come in between. so if you want to give me a donation they can be gift aided via the yellow envelopes at All saints church if you pay Tax.

Clothing wise Hanna has been blessed by the old clothes of her cousin Eva and gifts from the church which are doing her well, even got given a bath for her to use.
This morning, I went to Northlan's church which was very uplifting had around 60 people there. As there was the dedication of another baby there. much better than the last few weeks when every one has been away.

I have been looking a bit at my schedule at redcliffe today, spotted a few modules which I will probably do like

'Mobilising business as mission/development studies'
'Hinduism-Buddhism Theology'
'Bible study methods'

but I get to do 14 modules so still a lot to chose from.
My schedule for the next few days including packing is.

Monday evening - presentation at Easy Tigers, All Saints
Tuesday Evening - presentation at the Northlan's main home group.
Wednesday Evening - Welcome BBQ at redcliffe college.

So keeping my self busy, hopefully should do some packing as well.
God bless


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