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Last night I did a presentation at a prayer meeting here in the tiger, near all saints church, Lindfield. I have uploaded the slides here.

It all seemed to go well, next week at 6.30 I am being interviewed during the evening service as part of a 'window on the world' service. So if you have any questions you want answered there, please post a comment here before then.

Me and Ju-hee have settled back in to the UK well got over most of the jet lag although hanna still has her own time zone, which changes daily.
Although sometimes i still feel like this.

In a joking way of course.

we are all leaving on the 10th September for Redcliffe college. were we will be living in a former bed and breakfast opposite , where they house all the families with a single child, where we will have a double room,a single room and a bathroom. so it will actually be bigger than our flat we had in Mongolia this year, and of course with a considerably larger rent.

But we do not have to cook as the college runs a community system where we all help out for around 4 hours a week, and share meals except on a Sunday. I have volunteered to help with the IT work although I doubt that will let me escape from the washing up.

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  1. 1st Sept

    Thank you for the update

    Whats this "me and Ju-hee" nonsense. Your grammar needs improving before you disassemble Hanna

    For the record it should be

    JU-hee and I ....... (yes she comes first and dont u forget it



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