3 months already


First a happy birthday for Hanna as she is now 3 months old already, I am not sure if that's quickly or slowly. but she is definitely getting more and more responsive, especially as I have now found out where she is ticklish and already starting to grow out of the pram and baby bath. So far we have found 5 other babies of around the same age here at redcliffe and at least one due soon.
So far all I have done is induction seminars but they have been enough to keep me busy although yesterday afternoon we went to the 'forest of dean' for a walk, which was quite a challenge with a buggy.

but anyway so we get some order I'll try and start from where the last blog left off.
So I did the talks at Easy Tigers and Northlans using the same slide for both although cutting a few of the more useless ones out for Northlans and giving them a bit more order.which both seemed to be well received, and I hope I continue to receive prayers from both.
On Wednesday the drive down went all fine, we still have not worked out what we forgot to bring down apart from our new pin numbers for our joint bank account so we can't get to any cash. But as the college is sorting out are food and I have a credit card it's not causing much difficulty.
In the evening the food was good just a BBQ done indoors thanks to the risk of England's autumn's. although it was sunny in the end.
So on to Thursday which started with a time of worship for 20 minutes which we all enjoyed including Hanna who was awake for the time. followed by specific orientation seminars then library,community living, lunch, Pastoral support then a bit on the IT situation here. ( I am not allowed to use I player which is a shame).
Then evening meal then we got back and sorted out are apartment some more.
Friday was more or less the same started with a Theological orientation then placements, and child protection. Then in the afternoon Ju-hee and I went for a drive around to find the shop's of which we only found the ones we wanted once I had given up and went to drive home and missed a turning.
But we went to a Toy's R US which I wasn't expecting so Hanna's got a mobile to go with her cot that redcliffe have provided for her. which seems to be keeping her awake rather than putting her to sleep but she seems happy.
Then today being Sunday I missed out Saturday as I wrote about it above. We slept in did some washing then went to a service at the college at 11.15 followed by a roast meal which was not good as home's. Fortunately I did not have to help with the washing up as they ask for volunteers as I have been placed on the rota for doing the washing up this term, I took the opportunity to escape so far I have helped washing up four times. Ju-hee and I are currently having breakfast's at home and then going in for lunch and supper.
Here are some pictures.

and a video.

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